By Brousseau, Anne-Marie; Lefebvre, Claire

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6. /, [m] and [n] with respect to tonological processes. Other scholars state that in Ewe, /γ/ is realised either as a voiced fricative (Berry 1951; Westerman 1930) or as a glide (Ansre 1961; Smith 1968). For Lafage (1985), the fricative and the glide are independent phonemes in the Ewe inventory of consonants. See also Capo (1994) for a discussion of the velar sonorant in Gbe. e. as a single point of skeleton attached to two segments (see (ii)). (i) Branching onset Ο Λ X Ι k 8. 9. (ii) Light diphthong Ν X l o Ι Χ k l Λ ό In Brousseau (in preparation), it is proposed that the two structures are both found in Fongbe.

Overview of the phonology following HI. Since this variant is also the result of a superficial phonetic phenomenon, it has been omitted from the inventory. The last phonetic variant of the system to be discussed is [r]. It is an allophone of III that occurs after a coronal consonant (alveo-dental or alveo-palatal). In this context, [r] is in free variation with the phonemic III. The examples in (8) show the distribution of the two variants, in native words (8a) and in loanwords (8b). * *kre *gö (8) *0 g» blolbolo *brol*boro mimä *hräl*härä ßöljölo blikä slgälä glädi pädü jröl*jdro *brikä *slgärä *grädi pädn 'to bathe' 'lemon* 'field' 'to make' 'hyena' 'to want' 'lighter' 'cigarette' 'grade' 'missionary' (from French bnquet) (from French cigarette) (from French grade) (from Portuguese padre) According to Capo (1991), 19 of the 21 phonemic consonants in (2) are found in all Gbe lects.

Syllable structures Like all Gbe lects, Fongbe has no closed syllables. Possible syllable structures, illustrated below in (9), are V, CV and QC2V where Ci can only be HI or lyl (see Ansre 1961; Bole-Richard 1983; Brillon-Brousseau 1986; Capo 1991; Westennan 1930). (9) V: CV: CIV: CyV: ä all oku 2? 2). / may follow any consonant except the alveo-dental sonorant /dy and its allophone [n]. 7 Note that a C^V syllable is sometimes realised as a disyllabic form in emphatic speech and in oral literature.

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