By Olga Lakela

A plants of Northeastern Minnesota was once first released in 1965. Minnesota Archive variations makes use of electronic expertise to make long-unavailable books once more available, and are released unaltered from the unique collage of Minnesota Press editions.

A handbook for the identity of the ferns, fern allies, flowering vegetation, timber, shrubs, and herbs of Minnesota's Arrowhead zone, this quantity lists 113 botanic households and describes 1,300 species, with keys for identity. There are eighty line drawings of plant species and 419 maps displaying distribution.

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Nfld to Alas and s. 26 Cryptogramma R. Br. Rock Brake (Gr. cryptos, concealed, gramma, line, referring to the continuous sori under the leaf margin) C. ) Prantl. Cliff Brake. --Known in ne Minn only on L Superior and in Cook and Lake Cos. 5022 crevice of basalt, at lower falls of Gooseberry R, Hwy 61, Lake Co. Transcont on damp limestone rocks. Lab to Alas, NE to Wash. Adiantum L. Maidenhair Fern (Ancient name meaning unwetted) A. pedatum L. Maidenhair. --Local in rich forest. 8185 Prairie L; 11944 abundant in hardwood association 2 mi n of Floodwood.

P. zosteriformis Fern. Flat-stemmed Pondweed. --Common in area. 11704 Crooked L; 7608 St. Louis R, Duluth. Que to Alta BC, s to Va and w. P. Friesii Rupr. Frie's Pondweed. --Occasional. 11038 in shallow water of small 1 s of Gilbert; 12263 in deep water, St. Louis R at Fond du Lac. Nfld to BC, NY, Minn. P. obtusifolius Mert. and Koch. Blunt-leaved Pondweed. --Occasional. 9188 Fryingpan L, Palo; 18237 mucky bottom, Turtle R s of Friday Bay of Crooked L. NS, NJ to Ont, Minn. P. strictifolius Ar. Benn.

6581 Burntside L; 7383 Canyon. Nfld to Ont and s. ZOSTERACEAE (PONDWEED FAMILY) Submersed or floating-leaf aquatics; stems jointed, rooting at nodes; leaves alternate with sheathing stipular bases; sepals 4, stamens 4, carpels 4; flowers perfect, regular, apetal- 33 2 1 Figure 1. Sparganium glomeratum. Figure 2. Scheuchzeria palustris ous, apocarpous, hypogynous; fruit a drupe, beaked or beakless, laterally compressed, embryo annular or spiral. For treatment of variations see Gray's Manual of Botany, 8th ed, 1950.

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