By Theodore F. Niehaus

ISBN-10: 0395936128

ISBN-13: 9780395936122

Этот справочник охватывает 1505 видов дикорастущих цветов, группируя их по окраске и внешнему виду для облегчения сопоставления растений и их изображений. Книга содержит более 1500 иллюстраций.
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For example, in cultured floral meristems of tobacco, excision of the territory of the sepals and petals or suppression of growth of the sepals and petals interferes with (i) Timing of Anther Determination the formation of stamens (McHughen 1980). It also In an early study, stamen development was mon- appears that developmental interactions between itored in flower buds of Aquilegia formosa floral organs affect the initiation of stamens. Tepfer (Ranunculaceae), in various stages of development, et al (1963) found that in cultured flower buds of A.

Tocols to obtain normal plants. Among the methods 14 Since the 1930s, advances made in the fields of plant physiology, biochemistry, and genetics, and refinements in the culture of plant organs, tissues, cells, and protoplasts under aseptic conditions have had much influence on the direction of embryological research. The outcome of research in these fields introduced the discipline of experimental embryology, involving the control of pollination and fertilization and manipulations of the anther, pollen grains, ovary, ovule, and embryo by excision and culture, by chemical, hormonal, and surgical treatments, and by exposure to selected day-lengths and temperature conditions, as a way to study the controlling mechanisms that affect the form and structure of plant reproductive organs.

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