By Edward Semple Le Comte

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Nellist. *bred IP, 2 The brood ofFolly without father bred, (a) brought up. (b) n. bread, nourishment. bride, that fallacious SA, 320 To seek in marriage that fallacious bride, (a) Dalila. Keightley. (b) the woman ofTimnath. Bullough. broad: see Genezaret. *brood IP, 2 The brood ofFolly without father bred, Besides the "brood"-"bred" jingle of related words: (a) offspring. (b) what happens when Folly broods. Cf. L'A, 6: "Where brooding darkness spreads his jealous wings". Sage (Broadbent). (c) brewed?

Close ii 638 a fleet descried ... by equinoctial winds Close sailing (a) near together, in a compact group. Keightley. (b) close to the wind. Macmillan. close ix 191 waiting close th' approach ofmorn. (a) hidden. (b) enclosed. DiCesare, p. 17. colors 29 cloud PR 4, 321 her false resemblance only meets An empty cloud. (a) nothing. (b) "false resemblance", such as myth of lxion raping a cloud made to look like Hera. Treads on it daily with his clouted shoon; clouted C, 635 (a) hobnailed. (b) patched up.

Stilus) that gets responses from the "celestial patroness". antick (orig. ) IP, 158 With antick Pillars massy proof, (a) antique, old and venerable. (b) antic, grotesque, fantastically ornamented. VC. Apostate vi 172 Apostate, still thou err'st, nor end will find Oferring, from the path of truth remote. (a) rebel. (b) lit. ). apparent iv 608 the moon ... Apparent queen (a) showing herself, plainly visible. (b) undoubted. Holmes. apparent PR 2, 397 (a) obvious. (b) seeming. Holmes. Chose to impart to thy apparent need, appear Son 7, 7 And inward ripeness doth much less appear, (a) be seen.

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