By K. Briggs

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A vintage in folklore scholarship prepared in 2 components. people Narratives comprises stories instructed for edification or satisfaction, yet no longer regarded as factually actual. people Legends offers stories the tellers believed to be documents of tangible occasions.

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From The Penny Budget of Wit and Package of Drollery, p. 209. TYPE 1832* (variant). This is one of many tales of repartee between a boy and a parson, in which the boy generally gets the better of the parson. BRIBERY A Dales tenant farmer had a difference with his landlord, and finally decided to take the case to court. ” “If you want to lose your case, that’s the way to do it,” was the reply. Later, on the way out of court, after the case had been decided in his favour, the tenant farmer tugged at his barrister’s sleeve.

Norton, Supplementary Collection, no. 41, p. 52. Folk-Lore, III, p. 559. Suffolk. TYPE 1416 (variant). 2 [Test of curiosity]. A variant of “A Daughter of Eve”, “The Mouse in the Jug”, which is among Vitry’s Exempla. See also “Bob Appleford’s Pig”, “That’s Not Your Business”, “Of the Ploughman that said his Pater Noster”. COAT O’ CLAY [condensed version] Once upon a time in Lindsey there was a wise woman who was a rare one for giving advice to those in trouble. One day, as she was paring potatoes at her door, she saw the very picture of a fool coming up the path.

That is as much to say as “roasted cheese”, which thing the welchmen hearing, ran out of heaven a great pace. And when Saint Peter saw them all out, he suddenly went into heaven and locked the door and so sparred [barred] all the welchmen out. By this, ye may see that it is no wisdom for a man to love or to set his mind too much upon any delicate or worldly pleasure whereby he shall lose the celestial and eternal joy. A Hundred Merry Tales, ed. Zall, p. 132. TYPE 1656. 650 [Jokes concerning other nations].

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