By Carroll F. Terrell

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14. nemo obstabat: L, "nobody prevented it. " 15. " 16. " 6. " 17. Apovitch: Prob. an invented name. 12/56-57,13/58 60 18. Jim X: John Quinn, 1870-1924; American lawyer; authority on modern Irish litera· ture and drama; collector and patron of modern art. 19. A: South American. 20. Stambouli: Stamboul, the oldest part and main Turkish residential section of Istanbul. Although the idea of shocking the stuffed-shirt bankers with the bawdy story emphasizes the humor of the scene, the story may have another significance.

But the following year Paul, who disliked the idea of troops in the pay of Venice being stationed in Rimini, proposed that Sigismundo should exchange Rimini, the sale remaining posses~ sian he had inherited from his ancestors, for the lordships of Spoleto and Foligno. Deeply offended, Sigismundo rode to Rome firmly resolved to kill Paull!. But the pope, suspecting his intentions, summoned seven cardinals "whom he could trust" to stand by mm, thus upsetting Sigismundo's plan [Tonini, 314-315, citing Broglio].

CaUxtus was succeeded by Pius II [9:21] and Alphonso by his na· tural son Ferrante (Ferdinand), both implacable enemies of Sigismundo [cf. 18 above] . 56. , d. 1468 [9:56,75]. 6. mille ... " A reference to Sigismundo's booty. Pasti, who had been commissioned by Sigismundo to paint a portrait of the Ottoman 7. efense of Fano against Federigo d'Urbino a manner that won the admiration of his enemies. Pius II, with heavy sarcasm called Roberto was forced to surrender Fano in 1463. He was later disinherited by Sigismundo m favor of Sallustio, his son by Isotta.

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